About Us

There are many benefits to owning your own company.  Some of the greatest are having an impact on your employees lives and the community, helping other Entrepreneurs realize their dreams, and creating, creating, creating!

We have spent years custom creating USDA Certified Organic recipes for a variety of private label customers -  from Big Box Retailers to start-up home businesses.  We still enjoy creating for our Private Label customers through www.pikespeakprivatelabel.com. 

For the Apothecary - we are shifting our focus to Fundraising. The idea of creating wonderful products and then sharing the profits to benefit kids, schools, sports and any other organization that needs assistance is very energizing for us.  Of course, if you are not part of a fundraiser, and wish to purchase online or in our store - we wholeheartedly welcome you!

We look forward to serving you ...

Your Pikes Peak Team!

All products are hand crafted in Boulder, Co.  We do not outsource any of the personal care products or candles we sell.