Private Label


Important Note: Pikes Peak Apothecary retail products are not available for Private Label. We formulate and create a Private Label line for you based off the standard Private Label bases we have created, which are different from our own branded product line.

We open our Private Label Program a couple times a year. Our philosophy is to build long lasting relationships with few key customers. This means we add projects that appeal to us in a discerning fashion.  If you are interested, please reach out and we will see if our relationship is meant to be!

You must be thinking about starting your own Organic product line. Very exciting! We have tried to make this process as simple and painless as possible. Our company philosophy is to uphold organic integrity while making it affordable for people to start their own organic business, or supporting an existing business in expanding their product offerings. 


Natural Private Label - Bulk:

We offer natural or organic products for your private label use. Buy in bulk and fill your own jars and bottles. Create your own line of products easily! Remember...when purchasing in bulk, if you have not been certified by a USDA Organic Certifier, you are not allowed to use the word Organic on the front of your label. 

Natural Private Label - We Package & Fill:

You may purchase any of the products on our site and have us quote the finished product. We can provide packaging, or you may send us packaging, and we fill and apply your label. We can then ship to your fulfillment house or to you directly. The minimum order for this service is at least 1,000 units per product. If product formulation is required, formulation fees and a larger minimum will be quoted after reviewing the project. 

Certified Organic Private Label: 

Requires us to submit the recipe and your label for approval. This can be our standard product, or something we have formulated for you. The minimum order for this is a $10,000 minimum opening order, in addition to the one time approval fees. If formulation is required, those fees will be quoted separately. Pikes Peak Organic Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures 95% or greater Certified Organic and “Made with Organic” products. In order to display the USDA seal on your products, you must purchase from the 95% or greater category. Products that fall in the “Made With” category still go through the approval process but may only display our organic Certifier seal and not the USDA seal.


Established recipes are created “unscented” unless otherwise noted in the private label store.  You may choose to purchase the unscented versions, or request us to add either natural or certified organic flavors/fragrances. We do not use any synthetic fragrances. Once your base product is chosen, you may also elect to add other botanicals, herbs, extracts, etc.…to the base formula. 

The fee schedule is as follows: Add fragrance only to a base recipe: $150.00* Add, subtract, or substitute anything else: $250.00* Custom Formulation: $1,000 minimum. Will quote based on requirements

*One time charges that Include initial sample and one change if necessary, with follow up sample. Any further changes $50 per.  Pikes Peak Organic Manufacturing, Inc., regardless of which option is chosen, owns all formulas. These prices are subject to change based on your requirements, but are here as a guideline.


Many of our Private Label products have standard packaging options. ALL USDA Certified Organic Products must be labeled and packaged in a USDA Certified Organic facility. We can either ship in bulk to a certified facility, or we can label and package for you. You may use our standard packaging or you may send us your own. Before quoting final pricing for your order, we must volume test all containers and check for use with our labeling equipment. Product testing in customer supplied packaging is your responsibility. Certain materials may not react well to soap products. It is necessary to have all product documentation and YOUR LABEL submitted for approval by our Certifier. We will send you the USDA seal and our Certifier seal to be incorporated on to your label. We must then receive a .jpg or .pdf version of your label to submit. We do NOT print nor provide labeling. Once your labels are approved, you may then have them printed and sent to us to be applied to your product. Labeling Fees: a minimum of .25 will be added to every item to cover labeling, filling and shrink banding if applicable.


Once your product is chosen and approved by you….we must now get the whole thing approved by our Certifier. This of course costs money. Basic Fees are as follows: Organic Product Certification Fee for products with 3-10 ingredients: $250 one-time fee, per label AND $50.00 annual fee due every March 15th. This is the fee for approval within 30 days of submission. If you want a faster approval time, the fees are as follows: Within 14 days: ADD $250 per product ($400 total) Within 5 days: ADD $475 per product ($625 total) These are NOT our fees, but fees we must pay for recipe approvals. These fees are subject to change at any time and are offered here as a heads up of what to expect.


So now you have your product, your packaging and it’s all approved. You are now good to go. Some additional information: All orders are paid 50% at the time of order with balance prior to shipping. We do not offer terms. We do not stock product. Everything is made FRESH. Please make sure that lead-times are calculated into your schedules. Please plan ahead. Standard lead time are 4-6 weeks. Issues that may impact this are raw materials and packaging. Bar soaps can be as long as 6 weeks. You may place rolling orders with us, so we always have your product in the cue, and then your lead-time is invisible to you. Standard shelf life is one year depending on the product. Plain, basic soaps can be much, much longer.

We carry our own Product Liability Insurance. If you are re-selling the products, it is your responsibility to have your own Product Liability Insurance. If you need a referral for affordable insurance, we are happy to help.

Returns: We only accept returns on product that is deemed defective or an incorrect shipment. You must let us know of an issue within 5 days of receipt of product.  

We do not pay shipping unless stated, and we charge for most samples. We use ALL natural ingredients from Mother Nature herself. That means that variations in color and even scent can vary from batch to batch. We think this is one of the fun things about the process, but you need to be aware. 

We do not test on any of our furry friends …...

We have tried to cover the highlights here, but as usual, if you have questions - great - we love those!